Who I am:

Hello! My name is Anna K. and I'm a self-taught mixed-media artist. I live in Eastern North Carolina with my husband, Bruce, our two sons, a sprightly dog named, Luke, and a little moppet of a canine named Bentleigh.

Though I've always been creative, I began to take my journey as an artist more seriously after the birth of our second son and the death of my Momma, both in 2009. I was in desperate need of a way to process some pretty big and devastating emotions, so I turned to art. 

I've hosted online courses and have taught classes in person locally. Through social media, I share my artistic messes and discoveries with others along the way. I like sharing what I'm learning with other people. As the daughter of two educators, one could say I'm an apple who didn't fall far from the tree.

I’m currently the resident artist and coordinator within the Creative Forces: NEA Healing Arts Network hosted at the Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts.

“Creative Forces: NEA Military Healing Arts Network serves the special needs of military patients and veterans who have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological health conditions, as well as their families and caregivers.”

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What you'll find here:

Here you'll find an open table where you can pull up a comfy chair and - I hope - learn a bit about creating mixed-media art and art journaling. I'm on an adventure to learn all I can about art and creativity and I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others.

You'll also find my musings on creativity, art, life, and current events. I'm a Southern woman with a decided bent towards equality and justice and I sometimes process what I'm learning about those things in my art and writing.



A note from me to you:

It's okay to make art that's not pretty or neat.

It's okay to make art not everyone likes or understands.

It's okay to make art that asks questions for which there are no easy or comfortable answers.

It's okay to make art that's just for you.

It's okay to make art you sell.

It's okay to make art you don't sell.

Oh, and mistakes and messes? Those will happen. 

Create anyway.

The more you create, the more you'll discover what and how you like to create. You'll develop your own artistic style and voice. You will connect with yourself and, hopefully, with others.

Don't have the best supplies? Use what you have until you can get better. There's no shame in that. NONE.

In short, just make with whatever you have, in whichever way you like, however you can. 

Enjoy your adventure.