Moments & Stories

I was okay with not having a word for the year for 2018.

Many of my creative community and friends had their words selected and were sharing so eloquently why they'd been led to choose them. I cheered each and every one of them on with not an ounce of envy.

Some years a word will come.

Other years...silence.

I'm okay, either way.

So there I was content to not have a word when yesterday evening, not just one, but two words came to mind.


Pay attention to the moments & listen to/tell the stories.

I'd like to do more of both in whatever form that takes.

They are, after all, much of what life is made of.


I know I've been a bit quiet here and online over the last month or so. I've been creating a lot of online content for my local Council for the Arts as a volunteer. I do my best to help with their online presence (social media, website, newsletter). It's been a pleasure and I'm so fortunate to work with folks who are as passionate as I am about promoting our local cultural arts and engaging our community through creativity. They are working hard to make our organization as diverse and inclusive as possible. 

Being actively engaged in a community organization like this is, for me, part of what Mahatma Ghandi meant when he said, " the change you wish to see in the world". 

This is a part of what activism looks like in my life. 

In addition to:

  • Promoting and listening to the voices of those most consider "other"
  • Staying informed
  • Educating myself and our boys
  • Voting
  • Calling/emailing/petitioning our representatives

It's the least I can do to make leaving this world a better place for future generations a possibility. <3

Also? Here's a funny photo of me and Noah White, the Executive Director at the Council, at a fundraiser this past Fall. He looks thrilled, doesn't he? LOL!

Being goofy at the Cre-8 Art Gala this Fall...Noah's gonna kill me for posting this...

Being goofy at the Cre-8 Art Gala this Fall...Noah's gonna kill me for posting this...